"Ümitvar olunuz, şu istikbal inkılâbı içinde en yüksek gür sada İslâm'ın sadası olacaktır."



05 Kasım 2019, Salı 10:45
Some readers will find the title of the writing strange.

In Turkey where nationalism is still used as synonym of racism, they will be embarrassed that two meanings, though opposite of each other,  have been brought together in the same picture in most recent times. The ones who view the analysis below will witness that the two meanings that are seemingly opposite of each other haven't been brought together by us.

Communism has been mistaken with Islam; opposition against Islam has been mistaken with nationalism and that case is not new.  Arter some time socialism entered Islamic world as an idea; the ones who wonder some strange articles of some of our thinkers that wants to see "Islam and socialism " together in Egypt in the later 1940s and also in North Africa, in Lebanon and partially in Bagdad can apply to newspaper records of that date.

We know that it is the European geography in which nationalism has been sacralized.  Jast as nature, race, power, wordly beauty and pleasure has been divinised by materialism. The expression "the power you need is present in your blood vessels" of Jewish thinker was of course outpouring of that days' philosophical approach rather than an individual statement. At the end of 19th century when nationalism hit the top and at the start of 20th century; utilisation of nationalism as a main theme in Kemalism Revolution shows that the number of the times and reformations  when  Communism and nationalism joined hands and launched revolutions are in a considerable amount. We should also remind the readers that European anti-religious philosophers who used "Turkish Nationalism" in those Kemalist revolutions and reformations have used  "Arabic Nationalism"  in Arabic world intensely by means of Baath Party.


Neoliberals have dictated  "global economy" to humanity for more than 30-40 years and it caused ethical chaoses, econimocal crises and wars that they realised with their allies. As a result, the nations that has taken precautions against that movement were driven away "nationalism"; some researchers wrote it and it is impossible not to agree with them.  It is ironic that poor and victim nations couldn't apprehend globalisation and that they have monitored world events in their own labyrinth. 

The nations that run away from globalisation that neoliberals caused with the crises unfortunatelly don't know that global irreligiousness movement called New Conservative takes shelter under the tag of nationalism, patriotism and "ultra-right". When we anayze the roots of this thought, we witness that neocons (New Conservative Communists) emerged in Revolution of  the September 11 with the slogans that remind rather nationalism such us New World Order, American Century and America, Master of the world.  Anyone knows that it is only a huge and fierce agnosy to think that the projects like current European PEGIDA, Germany AfD and nationalist confrontations in Turkey (togetherness of Communist Kemalists and racists) are unconnected to neocons who ornanized the September 11 revolution and that big disastser's derivatives.

Meantime, the politician who couldn't get along with Donald Trump when they were together because of his collaboration with neocons tried to throw the nationalist parties in Europe together and that didn't escape from our attentions. The claim that the roots of New racist movement which unite all racist parties from Germany AfD to nationalist front of the European Union   while it fights against İslam bases on Judaism and Christianity  turns to be false. Yet,  the true nature of this new "international left nationalism" that contacts to the group of Aydinlik in Turkey has been uncovered in this way. 


We live in a world where the Trotskyists are seen in the identity of New Conservative and the Marxist Capitalists in New Liberals. So, we shouldn't be surprised at this new model of Global Irreligiousness movements which wants to present nationalism and communism in the same pot. We, of course, don't find strange this last intrigue of opponents of the European Union whose intentions are to disperse current big parties (conventional politics)  and  to give rise to disturbance and chaos here. We may estimate this method that the ones who know Islam properly or the circles that have assimilated democracy will never compliment and be fooled will turn to a nationalist and racist structure similar to "International Socialism" soon.

Turkey will learn in time that the secret which transforms Nationalist Movement line and the line that " exist as patriotic" into same square is not here but it is in the hands of transatlantic neocons. But similarities do never get lost. In Europe, policy of Ethnocentrism, Opposition to Islam and Turkey; and ın Turkey,  enmity of Armenian, Kurdish and Greek... Considering all of these we can understand that all stems from same thought.

Writer: Şükrü Bulut

Translation: Ekrem Başçı

Okunma Sayısı: 1722
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