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For every difficulty there is always a remedy

20 Kasım 2020, Cuma 12:22
Debbie Rogers, who changed her name as Aisha after becoming a Muslim, explained Islam to those around her, and caused them to become Muslims.

Debbie Rogers – present name Aisha - and her family were previously Christians. 

She was regularly attending charitable activities in behalf of Christianity.

While most girls in England often liked to hang artist posters on the walls of their rooms, Rogers preferred to hang only Jesus's posters.

But yet, she realized that Christianity was not satisfactory for her; There were many questions in her mind that she could not answer, and she felt uncomfortable herself with the imperfections in Christian faith. She was thinking that "I need more information to be able a right obedient to God." 

Aisha encountered her prospective husband Muhammad first time when she went for shopping as an ordinary customer at the store owned by Muhammad's family. She was 10 years old at that time. In the following days she often came across Muhammad while praying. Aisha defines Mohammed's worship as “There was a sense of satisfaction and quietness in his worship.” And continued “Then I asked him about his worship. He told me he was a Muslim. So I told him I wanted to know what Islam is.” 

Afterwards, Aisha started to discover Islam properly by the aid of Muhammad. 


She was 16 when she decided to become a Muslim. She read the Qur’an from the beginning to end until the age of 17. Even though Aisha became a Muslim, Muhammad's family did not allow them to get married. They considered Aisha as a western woman and believed she would dishonor the family's name by misleading Muhammad. In spite all of this, the couple got married in a local mosque. Moreover, Ayşe's bridal gowns were personally sewn and prepared by Muhammed's mother and sisters. Muhammad's mother and sisters attended the ceremony secretly from Muhammad's father, who refused to attend the wedding. Aisha's parents, Michael and Marjory Rogers, also attended the ceremony. But in the meantime, they were worried about what their neighbors would think of Aişe's wedding dress.

After 6 years, Aisha started working to convince her own parents and the rest of the family members to convert their religions to Islam. She said “Muhammad and I were trying to inform my parents about Islam. Anyway they were already aware of the changes in me. I was no longer disrespecting them and I was not opposing what they said anymore." 


Shortly after, her mother, Marjory Rogers, decided to enter into Islam and changed her name to Sumeyye.  She started to dress in Islamic style and began to perform her prayers  by observing their exact times without delaying.

It was more difficult for Ayşe to convince her father to become a Muslim.  So Aisha asked help from her new Muslim mother. She told : “Sometimes my mother and I were talking with my father about Islam. One day, while sitting in the kitchen, my father said, ‘What words I have to say for becoming a Muslim?’  We were all cheered when my father decided to enter into Islam.”

Three years later, Aisha's brother and his wife became Muslims together with their children. Afterward her sister's son followed them. But she was not satisfied with that. After all family members became Muslims, Aisha then tried to convert her neighbours to Muslims. She regularly taught Islamic lessons to Scottish women every Monday during 13 years. She has convinced at least 30 women to become Muslim so far. Of course, each of these women has different stories about choosing Islam.


One of these women, Trudy, were lecturing at Glasgow University and was a Catholic. She was attending Aisha's lessons only to conduct some Islamic researches. After 6 months, Trudy became a Muslim, concluding that Christianity was in logical inconsistencies.

The main purpose of Aisha's husband, Mohammed, in his life is to raise all of his 5 children as Muslims.

Aisha says that she has never been sorry for choosing Islam. In every marriage there are of course some times happy and sometimes troubled days, so sometimes you need something to get you out of your difficulties. According to Muhammad's discourse on this issue : " for EVERY DIFFICULTY there is  always A REMEDY "So if you are in any difficult situation, you have to make an effort to get rid of it."  

Reported by : Mahmut C. Çakır

Translated by: Özden Atukeren


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