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Risale-i Nur are Solution for the World Spiritual Problems

29 Mart 2022, Salı 03:09

Can you  Introduce yourself to our readers? 

My name is Abdullah Shamsid-Deen, (In Turkish you say şemseddin) I'm an American citizen. Of course this name is not given me by my family. Our ancestors came from Africa. Certainly they did not came, like today, with their free will. Majority of those brought here from Africa where Muslim, but under the cruelty and torture they receive, their identities and knowledge of their origin has being forgotten, we are descendants of those people.

In America, maybe this is the reason more African Americans, of which I am one, choose to accept Islam, more so than the caucasian people, of European descendants.  I expect Islam at a very young age in New York City and be come a Muslim.

Can you tell us how you met The Risale-i Nur?

1991, because of my military duty, I asked to be assigned, to the U.S. Military Base at Incirlik in Turkey.  This was the first time I was going to one of the Muslim country for assignment.

I had read that 99% people in Turkey were Muslim. I was very excited! After arriving in Turkey, unfortunately, my excitement turned into the disappointment. This is not what I have dreamed about or imagined a Muslim country to be, but, Al-Hamdülillah, still we had very nice memories in Turkey. 

Some other Muslim military brothers who tought same as me asked for assignment to Incirlik Military base in Turkey. We had very good friendships group. We started having Islamic meetings, among ourselves, on the Base, and praying Jummah and daily prays in Turkish Mosque on the Incirlik.

One of the my most memorable moments was meeting a Turkish brother, Yahya Yıldız, who also working on the Incirlik as a civilian employee. This actually was a turning point for rest of my life. Yahya is very friendly and one of the most sincere Risale-i student whom I've met. Although I didn't speak Turkish, Yahya invited me to a Risale-i Nur meeting. That is how I met Risale-i Nur. The first Risale- Nur book I read was the Damascus Sermon. One day, Yahya and I went to pick up my car from İskedurun harbor. Yahya, who walks around with book in his pocket, took out the The Damascus Sermon and we read it on the Bus on the way to Iskedurun Harbor. To me, I found the insight and points stated by Bediuzzaman in that book to be very meaningful, effective, and relevant.

From time to time, Yahya and I, one on one, reading of The Risale-i Nur helped me to understand Risale-i Nur better. I had read so many books before about Islam, but I never came across any book like Risale-i Nur.

Risale-i Nur has a very different and fascinating style, it's like looking at today's every situation and providing a spiritual prescription for people of this century's spiritual sicknesses.

Namely we say fresh and dried everything is in the Qur'an. But everyone, perhaps  most of us, might not able to see it. In my opinion, Risale-i Nur explained this truth with proof and fine details, specially for this century's people's understanding level. By reading understanding the Risale-i Nur and about the life of the author of the these books, My admiration and appreciation became increased tenfold about the collections and Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

Today's world is in the big spiritual crisis, people of this century trying to filled up this emptiness with so many insane aspirations!  I believe in such way, peaceful salvation of the humanity is only possible with Risale-i Nur unworldly explanation of the Qur'an and Iman. Because Risale-i Nur books show you solutions in afflictions. If you have youths tribulations, read the 

Guide For The Youth. If you are sick, read Message For The Sick, and find spiritual remedies. I'm living witnes for this truth, after having difficult surgery and serious illness during periods of my life, I read everyday the remedies for the sick, or I ask my wife to read for me. These remedies was having such effect on me spiritually, thanks to Allah I was able to gain my strength in very short time.

Do have difficulty in your life because of old age, read Treatise for the Elderly and find your antidote.

Here in Texas, where I live, I was a Muslim volunteer at a local prison for 15 years. I distributed some English Risale-i Books to the inmates, and I often read from the collection to the prisoner about people whom in end up in the prison, calamities, and other subjects about faith and belief. 

Today many people accept islam in prison.

Subject like, Nature: Cause or Effect and  Resurrection, are very well explained in Risale-i Nur, so everyone can easily understand. This meaningful style of  explanation you can only find in Resale-I Nur which is Miracle Tafsir of the Qur'an.

Years ago, a Muslim sister, who also was my supervisor, influenced me to be come to Muslim. After so many years finally I was able to contact her, during our phone  conversation I find out that she also had been reading the Risale-i Nur books, this was very nice surprise for me.

For years, we have being carrying back to USA Risale-i Nur book in English and given them away to different people.

Among those was a Catholic Nun who my wife once met. When we found out she was sick and being sent to a nursing home, my wife went to visit her and took her Risale-I Nur book, Message for the Sick. This elderly Nun was very happy to see this lady who she just met once, actually came to visit her in the nursing home. She was very happy about the book and started to read right away and couldn't hide her amazement about  passages she was reading in the book, "keep saying look, look what he saying in here, how beautiful explanation is" she was reading as if she was thirsty for it. Did that guide her? We don't know,  soon after they move her to different citie and she died there.

For peace, safety, security and salivation of humanity Risale-i Nur should be taught at the school's around the world as a essential imperative lessons.

May Allah be pleased with Bediuzzaman Said Nursi who endure and suffered so much under tyrannical oppression and curulty in order to write this books. May Allah be please with him forever and ever, and except us as he's students, in sha Allah.

Risale-i Nur are essential and imperative books in my life

I have all the books published by Sözler  publication in English.  Again I owe this  to my brother Yahya, every time they published a new book he bought for me, either sent it to me or kept until we went there. May Allah be please with brother Yahya who  Introduce me to those books  in very first time.

Who is Abdullah Shamsidden?

I born in 1952 in Alabama. During my high school years I live in New York City with my older brother and sister.

I work in many different jobs like police department, Post Office, and the ATT phone company.  Shortly after I accept the Islam I joined a military. My 1st assignment was in New York too. This city has special place in my life, because I was introduced to Islam and become the Muslim in New York City.

For years part of my military duty, I traveled and leaved in different states and  other countries as well, like Germany, 

Turkey and short term in Saudi Arabia.

After 26 years serving in the military as Master Sergeant I left the military in 2004  and worked as civilian for awhile. Now I'm retired. 


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