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As we move away from justıce, the apocalypse approaches

16 Kasım 2019, Cumartesi 13:22
This enormous system, which we call as the universe, is composed of stars and galaxies that we do not know how many are there.

Each of them has a varied mass, velocity and trajectory. There is a complete harmony, concordance, balance and justice among the members of  this magnificent community, including our world. It seems as if a great and orderly bond connects them each other, so the regulation of the universe is provided in this way. Those big masses do not bump into each other, they do not interfere with each other's path and do not interfere with their duties, and the big objects do not harass and expel the smaller ones. Every being, in accordance with its law, continues to act in harmony.

When we look at the world  in which we live, we see that although its smallness it has a great duty in the solar system  and fulfills these duties in safety and peace. There is complete harmony and concordance  with other neighboring planets. When we look at both living and lifeless creatures  on Earth, we see a wonderful friendship, a beautiful brotherhood, a spiritual connection. As if everything is connected each other with an invisible and strong bonds.  When we wonder what this unshakable connection is, and investigate its nature, we learn the answer from the Qur'an and from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declares in one of his hadiths that; Our Sustainer said,  "My Beloved, were it not for thee, were it not for thee, I would not have created the spheres"

Here we understand that there is a love and fondness in the yeast of the universe. Bediüzzaman Said Nursî explained this saying like that “Existence of the universe is based on love.” 

Love, the yeast of the universe, is mostly gathered in the heart of humans. The human heart is a mirror in which the names of Allah as Possessor of Beauty, Possessor of Perfection , Provider and Possessor of Justice  are manifested in the brightest way. Human falls in love with beauty, wants the perfect one, loves and  esteems who bestows upon him. The heart, which contains these emotions, allows a person to look around  through loving eyes. And shows  that there is a friendly relationship between the humans and all creatures in the universe. That means  wherever a human exists, there is love and wherever the love exists there is a human.  A person with such a heart looks at everything  affectionately and everything looks like a friend and a brother to him. Where there is no fondness, there is hostility, there is persecution, there is rage and violence. If there was true love in people's hearts, the scenes of violence and horror today would not have emerged. These inhumane sad  events would not have happened in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all around the world. Can a person who has love in his heart and gives his life for his own child, can he point a gun at someone else's child and shoot him?

There is love in human's yeast  in other words in his nature. This love is placed in the hearts by Righteous Majesty Allah. A person whose nature is intact, loves everything  in the name of Allah. Because every living and lifeless being is a unique work of art and worthy of love. 

Human loves both these artistic works and their artists. But today we see, trees are cut down, forests are burned, water is poisoned, creatures in the waters are killed. Air, water, soil are polluted. The ecological balance in the world is deteriorating. Then global catastrophes are  becoming inevitable. So, lack of love lies in the basis of global warming, which has become the nightmare of the humanity today. If people loved the world and its contents in accordance with their natures, they would not have made the world  like this. First  their creations  were deteriorated, then consequently the ecological balance was broken.

We are seeing by living what disasters  happen to the people and the world  because of lovelessness  and injustice. If the fondness is lost, it will be replaced by hostility, persecution and injustice, and there will be no reason for the existence of the universe. The rope that binds the all beings will be severed; thus everything will fall apart. Galaxies, stars, suns will come out of the orbit of satellites and world will hit another planet, so apocalypse will break.

As people move away from the sense of fondness and justice, the apocalypse is approaching.

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​Translation: Zeynep Kurun

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