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Risale-i Nur Collection mobile application is live at qadr night

25 Nisan 2023, Salı
Risale-i Nur Mobile Application is in App Markets at Qadr Night

Translated by Ekrem Başcı

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's commentary on the Qur'an, the Risale-i Nur Collection of New Asia Publications, is published on Google Play and App Store. The mobile application, prepared by the New Asia Informatics Committee and EuroNur, meets its readers, who have been patiently waiting after a long study and different examination stages, at Qadr Night.

Bediuzzaman, who analyzed the characteristics of our age and diagnosed its spiritual diseases, revealed the treasure of faith that satisfies the spiritual needs of this time in his Risale-i Nur, which he wrote within the framework of the formula "Time is the time to save faith".

In these works, satisfactory explanations are given to  the questions that occupy the minds of every person and that modern age people cannot remain ignorant, “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is my duty in this world?”; all the principles of faith, especially faith in God, are explained and proven; doubts and questions raised in the name of science and philosophy on these issues are answered in a convincing manner; the claims about the incompatibility of science and religion are repelled, and science is adopted in the name of religion; attempts of falsification and destruction with the aim of degenerating Islam are rendered futile; spiritual crises that the civilization built on a materialist understanding has dragged humanity into are treated with sweet explanations about the broad truths of the Qur'an such as oneness and resurrection, which satisfies the mind, caresses the soul, and satisfies the heart; the state of debauchery and idleness caused by the troubles arising from the lack of duty of the soul and heart is removed with the message of the Qur'an.

It is possible to find the interpretation of the Qur'an sought by the people of the modern age, in its most perfect form, in the Risale-i Nur. Risale-i Nur is a commentary that has fulfilled the task of "tajdid" in understanding and interpreting the message of the Qur'an regarding this century.

We offer the mobile version of the Risale-i Nur Collection, which describes the interpretation of the Qur'an sought by modern age people in its most perfect way, to the service of the readers.

Application Features:

• Annotation and Meals

• Lexicon

• Searching for text in the corpus

• Service Guide

• Posting sharing

Parts in preparation:

• Easy comparison with page numbers compatible with the memorabilia corpus of New Asia

• The Qur'an

• Cevsen

• Prayer Rosary

• Index Booklet

• Camiu's-Sagir Hadiths

• Ability to open different books at the same time

Project stage:

• Subject Indexes

• Add notes

• Text coloring

• Date conversion

• Read aloud

• Voice call

Your Opinions and Offers

You can send us your opinions and suggestions about the Risale-i Nur Collection mobile application from the "Your Opinions and Offers" section in the application or via the "Contact" form on our site.

You can download it for free from Android and iOS Market.

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