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What did they say about him?

24 Mart 2022, Perşembe 12:43

American historian Carter V. Findley:

“Said Nursi defeated materialism sharing the knowledge that a doctoral student researching Western materialism had read the Risale-i Nur Collection twice, said, “Said Nursi defeated Western materialism. Said Nursi told Muslims, 'The universe is a great book and we read the traces of Allah from this book'. This is the most important response to 20th century secularists.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Altan:

Said Nursi must be understood well in order to save religion from being politicized.

Said Nursi left deep traces. His words and comments need to be specially studied to save religion from being politicized and to live it right. Said Nursi is one of the first people to be excluded by the republic.

The spread of his views and the emergence of a debate around his thought can only happen with normalization.

Ezher Univ. former rector, Egypt Supreme Religious Council Chairman Ahmet Ömer Hashim:

 Risale-i Nur was written and disseminated with sincerity “The fact that the Risale-i Nur changed the religious discourse in this age is an issue that the ummah desperately needs. “Bediuzzaman is one of the rare figures in history. The best example of mujaddids who will come every hundred years is Master Bediuzzaman.

“The secret of the spread of the Risale-i Nur to the world; it’s language is tolerant, gentle and sincere. Invitation towards Islam; It can only be possible by coming out of a sincere heart. The indispensable condition for this case to be written to the eternity is sincerity. The source of Risale-i Nur is the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Bediuzzaman has taken the the most subtle secrets of the Qur'anic verses and published them. The Qur'an has a feature of being eternal. The same secret is also in Risale-i Nur. The scholar, who spoiled the insidious plan of the British Minister of State against the Qur'an was Bediüzzaman. The Qur'an is the secret of strength of this ummah, but we can only have this secret if we stick to it. The previous commentators and Bediuzzaman adhered to the Qur'an with this precise meaning and thus they succeeded.

Risale-i Nur was written with such sincerity. The happiness and strength of the Ummah is the Qur'an. The Qur'an has spread to the world for this reason. The prescription written by Bediuzzaman to this ummah is different from it’s predecessor. It has a lot of originality. He saw all the difficulties experienced by the ummah and wrote its prescription accordingly. Muslims today have reached one fifth of the world's population. But their troubles increased as well. Hz. The Prophet Muhammad said in a hadith: 'This ummah is different from and superior to other ummahs. “No nation received a revelation like the one that came to our Prophet (pbuh). It is possible for a voice rising from a single place to be announced to the whole world. This feature is also present in Risale-i Nur.

The enemy constantly attacks the heart and the center. Jerusalem and Gaza are examples of this. The Risale-i Nur is an occasion that will awaken the entire ummah. We are the Ummah of a Prophet  who said, 'I wish my people knew me!' Again, in a hadith: It is pointed out that Muslims cannot be together despite the increase in number. Here, Risale-i Nur is a corpus of works that will resolve this separation.

“Bediuzzaman's change in style and lexicon is the greatest jihad. Risale-i Nur handled the issue of speaking according to the interlocutor. The most appropriate form of 'address' was required. Risale-i Nur handled this in the best way in this century. We need to ensure the unity and solidarity in same and separate places.

Moroccan scientist Muhammed Sunsi: 

Bediuzzaman never lost hope “The Risale-i Nur continues on its way by increasing its influence on Muslims. Muslims have problems in understanding Islam. Where do we begin this narrative service?

Bediuzzaman emphasized the unity of Muslims, united the ranks, drew attention to obstacles, and showed secondary obstacles. These are very important for present day. The Bediuzzaman alliance says a lot. Because if there is unrest and division, our strength will weaken. Alliance is the most important Islamic duty. It is communion time. A weak person cannot bear such a burden. The person shakes. This is a social responsibility.  Everyone should hold one part.

Bediuzzaman lived in the weakest and the the most oppressive period, but he was never surprised, did not lose hope, and did not become impatience. His heart is very stable. His heart was as strong as he believed in Allah.

According to him, pessimism hinders all perfection. He saw the pessimism as a cancer. He foretold the coming of dawn. He said that the future will only be Islam’s. Risale-i Nur made a leap in Islamic thought.”

Zülfü Livaneli:

He has a very interesting and fiery style. Said Nursi is a very intelligent and influential person. He wrote the Risale-i Nur Collection in order to help humanity that was in a great depression. I have also read this collection. Said Nursi has a very interesting and fiery style in Risale-i Nur. Said Nursi has a completely different understanding of Turkish. It has a different literary flavor. The style of Risale-i Nur is so strong and ambitious that it inevitably impresses people.

“Said Nursi is an interesting person. No matter what period of history they lived in, he polemicizes with philosophers and examines the same issues. He answers the question that Balzac asked his teacher. He argues with Camus and Kierkegaard and gives very logical answers. I am very interested in the answers he gives on a difficult subject such as destiny, which is the basic question of existential philosophy. In other words, the fate of a person depends on his behavior, but Allah knows this beforehand… Said Nursi is a different person.

Ertugrul Ozkok:

“For Justice and Democracy, listen to Said Nursi”

Said Nursi also applied the "flash forward" method, which has recently been fashioned by the producers of the series Lost. “Once, I was sitting in the window of Eskişehir Prison, on a Republic Day. The older girls of the high school across from me were dancing and laughing in the courtyard. Suddenly, with a spiritual cinema their situation fifty years later appeared to me.” A total flash forward, look forward thing, right? (Ertuğrul Özkök/Hürriyet/29 November 2009.)

“Sometimes I'm weirdly secular. The feeling that secularism is under threat overwhelms me. But sometimes I am strangely "Nur student". As I read Said Nursi, I find things very close to me both in his life and in what he says." (Hürriyet/August 15, 2012.)

“Said Nursi was thirsty for justice, he could not drink its water with quaff. In other words, he is a person whose words and experience on "justice" will be listened to today! He did not say throw the baby out with the bathwater because he suffered He did not pursue the cause of hatred like "It was done to me, a thousand bad things should be done to them." (Ertuğrul Özkök/Hürriyet/21 March 2012.)

“In order for Bediuzzaman to be understood today, there is a need for a secular reading like mine. More importantly; In the current conjuncture, the secular section must read Bediuzzaman with an impartial eye, discarding the prejudices that have accumulated over the years.

In case of a reading like mine; There can be many common points that can bring the two sides of Turkey together. “Listen to Said Nursi for justice and democracy.” (Ertuğrul Özkök/Hürriyet/22.03.2012.)

Prof. Dr. Nilufer Gole:

Bediuzzaman prevented religion from being forgotten Bediuzzaman's identity transforms into a new way of thinking since the birth of modern science. It is clear from the observations of Şerif Mardin that there is a significant difference between the approach of other religious commentators and Bediuzzaman. For one thing, I see him as perhaps the most important reminder and survival project against the project of making religion forgotten in Turkey.

I think that Bediuzzaman's movement and thought continue in parallel with a very important – not political – but a different thought system that we can call a paradigm. In other words, we cannot restrict it to a political movement, we cannot reduce it to a political movement. It creates the belief system as a very different definition of human. It is very important in this sense. It is a very important service not only in terms of the relationship between science and religion, but also in terms of the continuation of religion.

The Republic, on a somewhat flat surface, reveals a very important truth in a sense. But it rises above a very important desire to forget. It almost ignores the religion, the Ottomans, Christian minorities, and the other minorities within Islam, other than Sunni Muslims.

On the other hand, many innovations are taking place, as it is actually very nationalized in terms of pluralism. For this reason, we are faced with a reality in the form of breaking away from the past. At this point, I think that the Bediuzzaman movement is a very important movement against breaking away from the past, in a sense, it also ensures the continuity of that past.

We see that it continues to nourish the spirit world and mind world from people’s past in a different way, as if it is a food that constantly feeds the roots of the plants that live under the ground.

One of the contemporary thinkers, Moroccan scientist Prof. Dr. Taha Abdurrahman:

Bediuzzaman made a revolution in the world of thought. Besides its other aspects, he draws attention to another remarkable feature of Risale-i Nur, the great revolution it made in the world of thought: “Some Western philosophers put the mind at the center of everything and accredited only the products of the mind. In fact, they went so far in this regard that they included the heavenly books such as the Qur'an and the Bible, and the religions they represented among other objects revolving around the mind, and brought them a definition within the rational system. In other words, just as the ancient people thought that the earth was stable and the sun revolved around it, they accepted the mind as stable and revolved the heavenly books and religions around it.

Here, Bediuzzaman turned this trend in the Risale-i Nur’s world of thought into a medium that should be. Just as Copernicus proved that the earth revolves both around itself and around the sun by romoving the old view that the earth is stable and the sun revloves around it, Bediuzzaman made a similar revolution in the world of thought with his Risale-i Nur. By saying “Man’s world of thought cannot be fixed. The world of thought both rotates around its own axis and revolves around the sun of revelation” he determined the true place of human thought, and enlightened and relieved the mind by saving it from loneliness and darkness.

Orientalist, admirer of Mevlana and friend of Islam Prof. Dr. Annemarie Schimmel:

His works will illuminate Europe “Said Nursi's works are wonderful. It will illuminate Europe. He is the Mevlana and mujaddid of that age."

Translated by Onur Nizam

Okunma Sayısı: 1157
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