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06 Ocak 2021, Çarşamba 12:20

Throughout human history, man has always been afraid of something, and sometimes even built his faith on these fears. He was afraid of the night, afraid of the sun, afraid of the star, afraid of disease, afraid of the spirits, afraid of the jinn, but he had never been so afraid of man, and had not lowered himself so much.

Ever since man was created on earth, he asked questions such as “where have I come from? Where am I going to? Why did I come to this world?” all the time. Because man is a being who is the most curious about himself. His "self" makes it necessary. Because the wisdom in his creation and that he was created, is solved only by the key of self. He has already become human because he accepts the entrust of the self. In the light of the Celestial One, some give the correct answers to these questions and complete their life as a true person and go to continuance. Although those who cannot answer this question complete their life and they go to continuance as well. So there are no survivors from this forced journey. But today, human beings who do not want to make this journey, who want to be immortal, who do not fulfill the consciousness of entrust, who wander in the valleys of heresy and who defy the Creator with self-swallowing self, are descended. Moreover, this recalcitration emerges with the idea, like Abu Jahl, not with the question “who will give life to decayed bones?", but with the idea of creating a person superior to himself!

Those who defend the "post-human" idea set out by saying that it is both an absurd and distorted understanding that human, who is a species among the species in the animal world, puts himself at the center of history and the world by sanctifying himself, and they also say that there is an is an urgent need for a new understanding of human-nature and technology. According to them, the goal that needs to be achieved is to overcome all the differences between nature-culture, man-animal, man-machine, life-game, men-women that are false.

The idea of “post-human" does not bother to reject beliefs such as atheism and materialism. It is making another destruction that is even more dangerous, which aims to change the essence of man, to bring him down from the position of "the caliph of the earth"; it is a direct challenge to man. There is not a direct challenge to the Creator. But it deals with human being who is the interlocutor of Revelation and the most beautiful mirror of the Creator, who can observe his own existence. It is a very evil plan. Although there is science at the forefront, a serious ideology stands out in the background.

All things are a sign for the existence of Allah. And the greatest of these verses is human being. Here, transhumanism has declared war on this most respected, most noble, and most beautiful verse of Allah. The universe is meaningful with man, so it means to distort the meaning of man, to disrupt the meaning of all created beings, and to break the foundations of all the heavenly ones. They don't give such a distant date history for humanity to get to this point. 2045 is the final date on which they will realize these projects.

Why did I tell all of this?

Although it may seem scientific, based on the fact that there is a serious evil ideology under it, it can only be fought with the dynamics of the Quranic civilization against such a vicious civilization perception. "The key to the hidden truths under countless events" is only in the hands of the Quran. Only the Quran has preserved the balance of the laws of creation. "Whoever desires success must be acquainted and friendship with the laws of Allah (God), creation and natural disposition. Otherwise, natural disposition will successfully give a refusal. A general trend will throw those, who act in opposition, to the land of poverty into nothingness. (Şuaat)

Shortly and precisely, although we do not know these new developments, scientific stages, biotechnologies, we have to know the Qur'an. Perhaps many may find these issues utopian. Due to our own close problems, what is happening in the digital world, may not be of much interest to us. But even though we consider them too far away, they are close enough to us, to our children, even the people in the most remote corners to be in their hands.

Einstein has a nice line. The information you have today is like a razor in the hands of a three-year-old. A razor does a lot of fine works, but it is deadly at the hands of a three-year-old. So, any knowledge that is detached from the revelation and tried to be disconnected, will bring no happiness to humanity, but pain and unhappiness, and perhaps its doomsday. While the goal of the devil and the people, who have learned from Satan, has been mostly about verses about the law up to now, their current goal is about the verses of creation. This shows that there is no other than the Risale-i Nur, which is the interpretation of the Quran that faces to this century and interprets its verses about creation so magnificently.  Therefore, it will be necessary to read Risale-i Nur with a new point of view in the universe, on ourselves, on events, and on the scientific platform.

Written by Yasemin Yaşar
Translated by Hilal Yurtseven

Okunma Sayısı: 5039
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