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It is enough to be a good example

05 Kasım 2020, Perşembe 22:02
We hear good news about people's submission to Islam, religion of nature, in many countries throughout the world.

Ones who converted to Islam have different stories. Having recently converted to Islam, Trabzonspor's British technical boss Eddie Newton also has expressed how he converted to Islam.

Although the stories are different, there is a common point that those who converted to Islam tell and draw attention to: Beautiful examples cause people to wonder about Islam and eventually become Muslim.

According to the news, Eddie Newton, the technical boss of the burgundy-blue team, told the story of choosing Islam in an interview with the club magazine. Stating that he could find an answer toevery question he looked for in Islam, the 48-year-old coach said "It is a religion that teaches you everything and shows everything".

Eddie Newton narrates his story of surrendering to Islam as follows: “One of my cousins chose Islam. Another cousin of mine was about to choose Islam. I met my wife, and since she was a Muslim, I started to learn about Islam through her. Perhaps what impressed me the most took place at my cousin's wedding. I heard the call to prayer in a mosque close to the wedding place.

When I first heard the call to prayer, I was very emotional and cried.

After that, I was aware that there was something inside me. However, since my parents are Catholic and there are no Muslims in my family, any decision I made would be a huge decision. This decision would disappoint my mother and father as well. I asked questions to my wife, my cousin and those around me. I continued to read about Islam and asked people who informed me. One of the things that affect me the most is that you can find the answers to all the questions you ask in Islam.

One day I pulled over while driving and called my friend who gave me information about Islam and said, "That day, today, I want to choose Islam" and then I became a Muslim. The most important thing for me is that you can find the answers to the questions you are looking for, and you can find the answer to every question you are looking for in Islam. A religion that really teaches you everything, shows you everything. One of the most beautiful words I've heard; The saying "Heaven is under the feet of mothers". Such beautiful words and this answer explains everything. "

(www.ntvspor.net, 17 September 2020)

If humanity, who is "in trouble" with questions such as the human, the universe, the purpose of life, death and creation, is told "There is an answer to every question you ask in Islam" and this is explained and shown, wouldn't "even the followers of other religions" be Muslims in masses?

Let's both work and pray to increase the number of Eddie Newtons and such "good news".

In the meantime, it is a pain that such good news cannot be "on the agenda" as much as it should be and that it is not known ...

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  • Zübeyir

    8.11.2020 00:28:47

    Conguralations for this good news. Thank you


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