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Those who read the Quran to learn about Islam have increased in the USA

26 Ocak 2024, Cuma 12:49

According to the news of The Guardian, one of England's influential newspapers, hundreds of people who organize solidarity demonstrations with the Palestinian people and organize social media campaigns are also carrying out activities to get to know Islam in order to "better understand the Palestinians".  Social media phenomenon Megan Rice, who lives in Chicago, USA and is one of the names interested in Islam, started talking about Palestine on her social media accounts in order to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  Rice expressed her surprise and admiration with her statements as follows: “I want to talk about the beliefs of the Palestinians.  Even though (their faith) is strong and everything has been taken away from them, they still find the opportunity to give thanks to God first.”

Quran reading club

Rice created a "Quran Reading Club" on social media to get to know Islam and advised some of her Muslim followers to read the Quran to understand Palestinians.

He became a Muslim in 1 month

Rice stated that as she read the Quran, she found it "anti-oppression" and pro-women's rights, and she became a Muslim a month later.  “Quran Reading Club” was viewed by approximately 2 million people in a short time.  Rice said that she started reading the Quran to increase her sympathy for those who were attacked in Gaza and that the Quran became an important part of her life.  Pointing out that "misperceptions" are being spread in the United States about Muslims, Rice said that she saw Islam as a "strict religion" until she read the Quran, but these thoughts changed.


Since October, when Israel started its attacks, images of many people buying and reading the Holy Quran have been shared on social media.  After a while, many users were seen stating that they chose Islam.

"I started reading the Quran"

Assoc. Prof. from YALE UNIVERSITY.  Dr.  Zareena Grewal said that she "started reading the Quran to understand the incredible resilience, faith and spiritual strength of the Palestinian people."  Nefertari Moonn, one of the Instagram phenomena, said, "Peace comes when reading the Quran.”

Associate Professor at Yale University, who works on Islamic texts and religious tolerance in US culture.  Dr.  Zareena Grewal said that after Israel's attacks on Gaza, people "started reading the Quran to understand the incredible resilience, faith and spiritual strength of the Palestinian people.”

"I was impressed as I read the Holy Quran."

Nefertari Moonn (35), an Instagram phenomenon who stands out as one of the names influenced by the Palestinian people, also emphasized that she "wondered what led people facing death to God" and noted that she started reading the Quran. Moonn said that she was "impressed as she read the Quran" and added: "I cannot explain it, but peace comes when reading the Quran."  She also said, "I feel like I've come from a place I've been before and I'm waiting to go back there."  

"The Quran coincides with our value judgments"

Misha Euceph, who organizes a "Quran Reading Club" on Instagram, also pointed out that there are many common points in the Quran that overlap with the value judgments of young people in the USA.  Euceph stated that the Holy Quran encourages people to be environmentally friendly and includes "anti-consumption".

Translated by Ethem Erbas

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