"Ümitvar olunuz, şu istikbal inkılâbı içinde en yüksek gür sada İslâm'ın sadası olacaktır."



24 Ekim 2019, Perşembe 12:01


Translation: Özden Atukeren

You probably know Samuel Huntington's thesis in approximate meaning that “A conflict will be occured between civilizations, and it will cause to outbreak of the Third World War and subsequently the Doomsday.”

The other thesis is the general ideal of Union of Islam and peace.

Today, this ideal is called the Alliance of Civilizations Project. On behalf of this ideal, many institutes and also universities have been founded in Turkey and also all around the world.

Due to its such a great importance, the issue has been turned into a multi-partner project of the United Nations. Although it seems like Spain and Turkey are the owners of the project, in fact, it belongs to all rational people and all humanity. 

At this point, Spain, unfortunately, has removed this project from its agenda –I hope it is now - with an internal manoeuvre.

And there are those who want Turkey to give up from this project. 

Unfortunately, the global deep state and its local extensions are currently working to finalize this project by stimulating and exaggerating the excesses and utilizing the opportunities as well as Trump does usually.

Of course, they are using well-known instruments in the media for manipulation.Wars in movies, weapons, exaggerated imaginary patriotism, negative nationalism, to actuate the internal and external enemy design methods, etc.

We think the way they can get what they want in local area is that One man who can always change enemy and a Turkey the mechanisms of war are easily manageable through one men.

Our answer to those who will say “but there is Parliament” against this determination is; Of course, in almost every example in the world, there is always and always will be a parliament where these single men step on their backs and use it for his own purposes. Besides, throughout the history, a dictator without an Assembly is not available.

So, the main problem here is theAssembly's position in respect of the President.

Good sense and foresight must prevail. National Assembly should be prevented from being disabled or becoming a puppet. Therefore, as a first step, majority of the votes must be “NO” in the ballot box of the referendum.

Islam is a peace and salute originated religion. Peace is always auspicious. States, religions and civilizations cannot make a gain by fighting, but rather loss.

The Crusades cannot be resuscitated.

The Crescent-Cross struggles are already over. 

Islam can not make a gain by terminating the exaggerated “interfaith dialogue” on pretext of bad course of proceeding, but on the contrary, be comes marginal, and downgrades in status and image. 

We shouldn’t put into trouble any more the crescent holders and crescent representatives in their services in the countries called as “crusader.”Common sense is also necessary in this respect.

What we believe is: “We will assign the diamond swords of persuasive evidences of brilliant Islam for the battle against external enemies. Because civilized societies can be over come by persuasion. Violence should only be applied to stupid savages. We are bouncers for humanity, we don't have time for animosity.”

Incase we're not vigilant, the war provocators may even categorize and criminalize us!

In this case both Islam and the entire world system shall be exposed to losses.

If so, go for it. Say “NO.”Prompt the “NO.”

Do not give permission neither to bossism nor confliction between civilizations!

Okunma Sayısı: 1438
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