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21 Ekim 2019, Pazartesi 22:36

Abdil Yıldırım
Translation: Zeynep Kurun

Saving the world! It is a very assertive statement, is it not ?

Indeed, the world needs saving, and if anyone is going to do it, it is everyone's right to think “why should it not be me?” But if everyone relinquishes that right and thinks, “How can I save the world?” then it would mean the world is as good as done for. 

Every human being is like a gear in social life. A gear that performs its job in a system ensures that the system operates correctly while the system may be disabled due to a gear that does not perform its function properly. No one has the right to say, “I am just a small part of the whole system, I do not need to do work." Every person is responsible for important tasks as part of this social system. When people fail to meet their obligations, it can cause great crimes to occur, while excellent results can come about when people do their duty properly. 

"What importance do you have, what can you do?" are words that are whispered in one's ear by satan. After listening to these words one might say, “There is really nothing I can do about the situation.” This means they are resigning from their humanity. It must be noted here that human beings are those who change the history of the world and cause civilizations to be established or destroyed.

The discoveries and inventions that led to the emergence of great civilizations in the history of humankind were the results of the altruistic work and sacrifice of some people. Without Ibn Sina, would modern medicine today have reached this level? Without Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the darkness of the Middle Ages could have continued to darken the lives of humanity for a longer period.  Without the efforts of inventors and explorers to put their lives on the line, science and technology would not have come to this point. Without Bediuzzaman, the world would continue to burn with the fire of dajjal and sufyan.

It is important to remember that in great battles, we often find that a small soldier changed the fate of war. In the face of these examples, the devil may lean into the ear of a person and say, "well, but they were important people. You are neither a commander nor a scientist. What importance do you have? “But every  individual is important. Because whatever an individual’s name or attributes are, his value lies in the fact that he is human. Created by Allah as “supreme of all creation” every human is equipped with very high abilities.  When humans can bring out these abilities, they can do great things.

While presenting our attitude in a positive or negative way in the face of events that concern society, we must act while being conscious of the fact that we are human. When we witness an injustice, saying "I have no strength to fix it," and abandoning the situation means not being aware of one’s own power and significance. 

In the face of the terrible events, unimaginable persecution and injustice that we see around us today, instead of saying  "the world is out of joint" and feeling despair, we should say “maybe I can heal this wound.” If we make an effort and participate in the service of humanity in some way we may be a means of the salvation of the world.

Okunma Sayısı: 1314
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