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Orthodox Pastor who chose Islam: “My hesitations are over.”

02 Şubat 2021, Salı 13:05
Orthodox Pastor Polosin Sergheyevich explained how he became a Muslim saying, “All my doubts and hesitations about Islam ended. My wife and I have declared to the public that, we believe in one God from now on.”

“I sincerely believed  that a creator necessarily exists.”

Orthodox Sergheyevich, who became a Muslim after many years,  expressed his feelings and experiences as follows: “I was born in Moscow in 1956. Although I grew up in an unreligious family, I can say that from the very early stages of my life that I can remember, I believed in God sincerely. Although I didn't know much about the concept of God, I thought that there was an omnipotent Creator who was always ready to help to those who took refuge in him. The various challenges I faced in my teenage years made me realize that I could only afford to the life's challenges to some extent. After that, I turned to God wholeheartedly, then everything started to get better. In fact, this process had happened spontaneously. Then I decided to study at the Department of Philosophy of Moscow State University in order to comprehend the truth of God. I made a study in the field of sociology called ‘A Critique for Max Weber's Theory of the Spirit of Capitalism.’ In this study, I tried to examine the effects of the Protestant reform activities on the development of the market economy. In those years, I had the opportunity to read the Bible for the first time.

"I became interested in Islamism”

I worked in Central Asia from 1983 to 1985. I had encountered Muslim people here for the first time, thereafter I became interested in Islamism. I'd like to share with you an interesting incident that I've been through. One day a well-dressed Tajik old man came to my church. People presumed that he was actually a hidden Sheikh. After a brief conversation, he suddenly said: ‘You have brighting eyes like Muslims. Your destiny is probably to become a Muslim in the future!’ What amazing statements these were. In fact, I should have resisted and argued to these words spoken to an Orthodox priest, furthermore in an Orthodox Church. I didn’t give any  reaction. But the words of the old man had penetrated in my heart.

"God gave me strength in this path"

Considering the divinity attributed to Jesus, it was too difficult to understand the belief in one and only God. However, this was an extremely simple and clear subject. Until that time I did not quitely aware about Islamic facts. Because Krachkovsky's Qur’an meaning in Russian language, which I had, was full of mistakes. Afterwards,  when I read the Porokhovaya's annotated translation of the Qur'an, which was enriched with general information about Islamism and Islamic interpretation for Jesus, all my doubts and hesitations about Islam has ended. The God, the merciful and forgiving, gave me strength to move forward in this path. Then my wife and I declared to public that we believed in one God. Moreover, the last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated that all human beings were created with the Islamic temperament. We realized that because of our upbringing way, we lived far from our real nature by this time. But in the end, we were guided to the right path with the favour of the God.

While working in Dushanbe city, I was dismissed for disobeying to my superiors and have been suspended from the area.”




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