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Through The Eyes Of Finkelstein

30 Ağustos 2019, Cuma 10:08
Recognised with his book 'Genocide Industry', offered to market in 2000, academist Norman Finkelstein gave interesting explanations about the facts in Palestine and Gaza and USA elections in the interview he gave to The Canary (founded in October, 2015, registrated in England, a non-profit, independent news site)

Matter of Palestine  is not just Islamic world's but the entire world's issue as a whole. Because in the event that the peace is able to be procured in Palestine, accordingly in Middle East, the world can reach to peace and tranquility, as well. This is the topic that qualified experts draw attention at every opportunity. 

According to Finkelstein, two-state solution in Palestine can only be possible with Bernie Sanders' winning of precidency in forthcoming USA elections. This means that it is not easy for two-state solution to actualise in a short time.

The prominent topics from the explanation of professor doctor Finkelstein, recognised with severe and rightful criticism to Israel, have been summarised in this way: 

"According to the surveys it is seen that Trump is supported in only two country in the world. Liberia, which just thing has a very wierd media and Israel. Israel is not a Jewish state as Jews concern, so we cannot say Isreal is Jewish.

"(UN's last Gaza report) tells the turn of Gaza resistance and endless list of  innocent disabled people, Palestinian children, doctors, journalists who have been target of sharp shooters. Some of these are killed while sitting  under a tree 300 meters far from wire cloth.

"It is not possible whatever two-state, single-state or ten-state political solution. Currently, this is not one of the possibilities at issue. Gaza Siege is horrific, illegal, immoral and merciless. We have to focus what is possible. I think suppressing Gaza Siege is possible.

"The reality is that humanistic crises are being successively experienced  overshadowing Matter of Palestine in Middle East.

Another reality is that there is nobody among Palestinian administrators who will give any inspiration for Palestinians. There is a totally corrupt and collaborationist leadership among them. The resistance in West Bank dies. There is no any political campaign in West Bank with regards to support Gaza. There is no resistance any longer. Thus, in the end of all these factors, two-state solution is impossible." (Independent Turkish, 23rd of August 2019)

I wonder how can it be explained that free world or humanity doesn't speak adequately about Gaza Siege  which Norman Finkelstein expounds as "horrific, illegal, immoral and merciless". I wonder if free world and humanity is unaware of experiences in Palestine, especially in Gaza. Otherwise, would it be possible to remain unresponsive against this "horrific, illegal, immoral and merciless" implementation. 

I wonder what the competent names from Islamic world think about the detection of "there is nobody among Palestinian administrators who will give any inspiration for Palestinians". Do some parts of experiences in Palestine and Gaza arise from 'administrator nuisance'? 

In any event, administrators in Palestine are vitally in the position of unity. The image that administrators cannot meet has been protext to Israel's cruelty. For sure, Islamic world has great duty in relation to ensure unity in Palestine.

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