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"Withdraw your investment for free Palestine"

26 Mayıs 2024, Pazar 18:40
Demonstrations in support of Philistine at universities around the world are affecting graduation ceremonies in the United States, but they are also spreading in universities in Europe.

About 2 thousand 900 men have been arrested so far in the United States alone in the demonstrations of support for Palestine, which started in the middle of April at Columbia University in the USA and spread all over the world.

While many of the universities in the USA have been subjected to police intervention at the request of the authorities, the universities in Europe continue their demonstrations in support of Palestine without slowing down. The ceremony was held in another hall due to the fact that the students who support Philistine at Pomona College in the USA set up camp in the hall where the graduation ceremony will be held.

Anwar Mohammed, one of the Pomona students who organized a demonstration in support of Philistine, stated to the Associated Press (AP) that they were ignored many times by the university. "We have to say, 'Today, things are not business as usual,'" Mohmed said. used the expression.

At Emerson College in the USA, the students who previously gathered to support Philistine continued their demonstration at the graduation ceremony. Some of the graduating students received their diplomas with Philistine keffiyehs.

"Withdraw your investment for free Palestine"

At the graduation ceremony at Virginia Commonwealth University, nearly 100 students and guests supporting Palestine were seen leaving the hall during the speech of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. The fact that some of the students leaving the hall were wearing Philistine keffiyeh drew attention. During the graduation ceremony of California Berkeley University in the USA, hundreds of students continued their demonstration in support of Palestine. In his speech at the ceremony, Rector of the University Carol Christ said, "They are reacting to the brutality and violence in Gaza, the killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians and the destruction of educational institutions." used the expression.

About 20 students were carrying Palestinian flags during the ceremony, while one student was seen carrying a currency with the inscription "Withdraw your investment for a free Palestine". The police moved the students to the back of the stadium where the ceremony was held.

Reaction to a famous actor at Duke University

A group of students protesting against the Israel-supporting American Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who spoke at the graduation ceremony held at Duke University, one of the oldest universities in the USA, left the ceremony by unfurling the Palestinian flag. Unfurling a large Palestinian flag and chanting "Freedom for Palestine", the group left the ceremony site en masse and some students were seen supporting the group.

Silent protest at the University of Wisconsin

On May 10, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the campus of the University of Wisconsin agreed with the university administration to remove their camp, which they have been holding for 2 weeks. In exchange for removing the students' camps, the university will meet with the people who make investment decisions, it was reported. At the Madison Campus of the University of Wisconsin in the USA, students held a silent protest in support of Palestine at the graduation ceremony held at Camp Randall Stadium.

Graduation ceremonies in Texas and Michigan

At the graduation ceremony at the University of Texas, a group of students unfurled the Palestinian flag while receiving their diplomas. Students who did not want to leave the stage were taken off the stage by university security. Supporter of Palestine students organized a demonstration during the graduation ceremony held at the University of Michigan, USA. At the ceremony, a group of students unfurled the Palestinian flag with rhymes on their graduation gowns and marched towards the stage shouting anti-genocide slogans. The police intervened and removed the Palestinian supporters from the area, while the public relations office of the university announced that no students were detained in the incident.

University demonstrations in Europe continue

Meanwhile, demonstrations of support for Palestine continue unabated with the inclusion of new universities in Europe. The management of the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague, the administrative capital of the Netherlands, decided to cancel cooperation with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. In a statement made by the KABK Student Union on social media, it was announced that the Academy management accepted the requests to end cooperation with Israeli institutions.

About 500 academicians and researchers working at England's Oxford University, one of the world's leading educational institutions, called for the university to support the educational life in Gaza. With the letter they signed, the academicians and researchers, asking the Oxford administration to sever ties with Israel and the companies that support its institutions, requested the university's opportunities to be offered to Gazali colleagues and students. Among the demands was the opening of the university's curriculum and online resources and education to Gazali academics, researchers and students.

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