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09 Ekim 2019, Çarşamba 10:15
​“Five Pillars Of Islam” and worships, can be performed as much as the power of faith.

The worships consolidate individual, family and social order. As the primary pillar of Islam, “Confession of Faith” creates a relationship between the fundaments of faith and worships.

“Confession of Faith,” testifies to “existence and uniqueness of the God and Muhammad (pbuh) is His servant and His messenger” This declaration provides many benefits to the person himself and also to society.

By means of the “Confession of Faith” the human being gets out of polytheism; so, in the peaceful ambiance of the monotheism has a sigh of relief and feels at peace. By repeating this statement frequently, he convinces himself that he has got a truthful and reliable guide.

Thus, high morality, steady character and good habits are settled in the human being. Then it creates a path to have peace and happiness and accordingly activity and productivity. 

Prayer keeps the people away from world affairs and lead to ethereal realm. During congregational prayer and also during the Hajj period Muslims get together and socialize. Consequently, prayer generates economic progress, development and wealthiness. In addition, it provides great comfort for mind, heart and soul. It also removes the workaholism and the addiction in wordly affairs.

Zekaat elevates the community standarts, stability and equality. It also prevents hostility, anger and economic devastation. Moreover improves sense of compassion and sense of favour of the community members to each other.

So, it becomes the driving factor of the economy by canalizing money to investment areas, recovers the wealthy and rich people from fondness for possession.

Fasting provides numerous medical benefits for human health. It keeps the person away from food addiction. It is a kind of diet for bodies. So, it contributes to the economy thousands of benefits additionally.

Hajj, is a worldwide consultancy and congress providing exchange of ideas and cultural interaction. In addition it creates some opportunities to interchange various knowledges and experiences. Due to being both financial and bodily worship, Hajj utilize numerous benefits materially and morally.

Otherwise, Hajj is an informative and educational journey to the historical and sacred territories and places on which had been struggled for fundamental human rights and freedom. The most important pushing factor for development is the freedom of religion, thought and conscience.

When looking at Five Pillars Of Islam from this perspective, we discover such an historical reality that when Muslims embraced Islamic way of life, they made progress and became stronger, but, when they moved away, they got into troubles and calamities, consequently retrograded. During the development periods of Muslims faith related matters were of top priority in the educational system. Then this educational discipline was put into practice by means of meditation and worships, thus assimilated in detail.

Ali Ferşadoğlu

Translation: Özden Atukeren

Okunma Sayısı: 1614
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