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Not to waste one drop of water

26 Nisan 2019, Cuma 12:07
There is a quote of Amina Kupisocic from the Oriental Studies Institute in Sarajevo that comes to my mindwhenever the water issue is talked about:


"In the days of war, one glass of clean water meant a lot. We were reaching water with difficulty, by walking towards the fountains that are miles away. Many of us passed away for this sake. Also, we can't ignore Palestine where the water is quite insufficient. Palestinian Authority Minister of Water Shaddad Attili who introduces himself as "virtual minister of water" says: "We should not fight for water, but most probably we will have to pay big prices for our water. Water is quite a critical issue in the Middle East. Governments perceive having the control of the water sources as a national security problem. Therefore, water is one of the main the reasons for the problems in the region. Due to the embargo imposed by Israel, there cannot be reached water which could be described as drinking water in Gaza. 

The ayah "We made every living thing of water" (1) shows the significance of water for the life. Our country now in a drought period. Each day, the alarms are heard from different regions. For instance, Yalova has just 27 days left until it runs out of water. The biggest drought of the last 50 years and the days without rain, have decreased the amount of water in the dams around İstanbul. There is little water left in Yuvacık Barrage. İstanbul's water will be run out if it doesn’t rain till 25 of June. (2) The Minister of the Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Mehdi Eker has said: "We are worried about the agricultural drought, we should pray for the rain." 

Well, we are constantly wasting water that is indispensable for life and is counted as one of the four main elements. We have always perceived ourselves as a rich, so we've never thought using water frugally. But it seems that we will have to do so. We should always keep in mind our prophet Mohammad's saying: "Do not waste water even if you were at a running stream." (3) Because our prophet performed his ablutions with a quite a small amount of water. (4)

Scientists suggests we could be in a tough situation in terms of water within 30 years. Then, we should make ourselves use water in a careful way. Also, for raising the awareness of the next generations, the concept of using water carefully should take part in the lessons in the schools, starting from the kindergarten. All formal and informal institutions should take measures not to waste water, schools and mosques also lead this. 

We, throwing 6 million bread away each day, should look into ourselves seriously. Said Nursi says that the hunger plays a vital role in this corruption times and he mention that this comes from the lack of gratitude.(5) We might say we cause these disasters by not giving thanks to Allah who brings food for all living things from the ground.

1- Enbiya Sûresi/ 30.

2- Hürriyet, 19/01/2014.

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Writer: Cevat Çakır.

Translater: Sueda Çakır

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Okunma Sayısı: 1338
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