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Solution Seeking For Today's Problems and Said Nursi Model

08 Mart 2019, Cuma 16:38
Solution Seeking For Today's Problems and Said Nursi Model Person, Belief, Ethics, Youth, Woman and Family

One of the most depressive periods of humanity is expressed by many thinkers. Social facts that rapidly change with technology had society’s political, economic and social structures gain new appearances, starting from human and everyday life. This raid change no doubt added many values to human life, but today what is discussed today is those things that this change took from the human.

Although dominant ideologies of 19th century, which reflected on 20th century as well, and social and authoritarian views that affect the life from all dimensions began losing their effect upon the beginning of 21st century, their effects are still visible. Millions of people lost their lives due to two world wars in the past century, but humankind under the effects of “ism”s got away from the intention of existence, and confronted with the danger of losing eternal life. In this century while human’s questionings concerning its existence form the humankind’s biggest inner conflicts, searches to ensure inner peace and make human existence meaningful became prominent. Association of the latest economic crisis with human’s ambition and greed, and evaluations concerning economic crisis from human essence are results of these searches. When it is considered that today humankind struggles against many problems and humankind leans to new searches, it can easily be seen how meaningful Bediüzzaman’s solutions for today are.

Bediüzzaman reminds human, who is disturbed with positivism’s excessive materialism, the purpose of creation, makes human meet with God’s infinite mercy, compassion and grace, keeps creator-creature relation alive and gives ideas to make these visible in every facets of life. Against some diseases as self-seekingness, repressing the weak, violation of law that became common spread due to disbelief and that became the world’s problem today, Bediüzzaman suggests believing people and offers a roadmap, rather than a Jacobinist approach. Based on the principles of right, law, justice, virtue, brotherhood and solidarity that ensure societies’ happiness against a civilization that is based on interest, dissolute, conflict and racism which lead to personal and social ethical degeneration causing people’s and society’s disruption, Koran explains principles of civilization.

Based on these, we think that problems that humankind struggles with in many areas can be solved with the light of Bediüzzaman’s ideas. In this context, 5th National Risale-i Nur Congress on “Solution Seeking for Today’s Problems and Said Nursi Model” held in Istanbul between March 20-21 2010 is important, and can offer solutions to human’s current problems. By considering these, we allocated this issue to some of the papers from this congress. This effort, aiming at thinking and searching Bediüzzaman Said Nursi’s views and his solutions for problems smashing humankind once again, will also help us to understand the situation of the society with the civilization understanding and lifestyle offered by Koran.

We present you this journal with the hope that these problems all through world and that caused crises in our country will lead to truths causing human’s happiness and lead to a world based on grace, ethics and justice, as promised by Bediüzzaman.



Education Method of Risale-i Nur: Scientific Method

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Yakup ASLAN/Harran University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Thinking methods developed throughout the humanity gave rise to many different beliefs. Among these thinking methods, “Scientific Method” has been applied as the most correct method throughout the history, and led to medical, technological and industrial advancements of vital importance that facilitate our lives, and due to these advancements Ottoman Empire experienced a regression. In an environment, where the thought that religion surpassed Islamic societies became widespread, Risale-i Nur proved truths of belief by making use of scientific method, and corroded positivist approaches in this issue. In this paper, Scientific Method and proof method used in Risale-i Nur will be compared by being analyzed more closely on a model.

Keywords: Scientific method, proof method, observation, hypothesis, experiment, truths of belief


Effect of Modernism and Postmodernism on Woman Identity

Dilek Akıcı TAYANÇ

Woman is not only the main element shaping and affecting “family”, which is the main carrier of current social structure, but also has always hold a position undertaking the role of cultural heritage’s key and future generations’ preparatory. Therefore, changes that woman identity underwent, deconstructions and psychological problems that they indirectly lead to affect not only woman, but also whole population. Against these negative effects, it is important to understand main determinants of change processes, then concept of “identity” and interaction processes between these. This study is an attempt to analyze how two main elements as modernism and postmodernism, that are related to each other and shape the current “zeitgeist” affect concept of identity in general and “woman identity” in particular in terms of psychological factors.

Keywords: Modernism, postmodernism, globalization, identity, woman identity


A Text on Communication Dynamics in Risale-i Nur

İntizam Seyda DURGUN

When it is considered that human has several emotional and behavioral types, it would be insufficient to limit concept of communication between persons as oral and speechless communication. From this point, communication is closely related to all issues concerning human. Human not only has a material/biological dimension, but also a spiritual/psychological dimension therefore a beyond-the-world side. When we consider concept of communication with this dimension, we can see that there are recommendations for all areas of life in Risale-i Nur Külliyatı, offering important solutions to today’s human. Aforementioned recommendations are in many different areas from person’s inner communication to communication with the universe, from communication with social life to cultural communication, from political communication to democratic communication. This study deals with communication dynamics in Risale-i Nur for the purpose of opening a path for comprehensive studies to reveal different aspects of communication.

Keywords: Communication, interaction, effect, existence, rhetoric, facility, ihlas, mediation


Aesthetics Education in Risale-i Nur


In the 21st century in arts, literature and aesthetics areas new searches, understandings, discoveries, questions, answers, forms and contents emerged. Arts, literature, aesthetic world looks for the truths in Risale-I Nur all through the world with our without being aware. Risale-i Nur invites them to the capital of beauty. In this context, understanding of beauty in Risale-i Nur charges an aesthetic responsibility on human. Bediüzzaman’s “belief, truth, nur, flower, soul, face, mercy, justice, compassion, reason” elements not only refers to an aesthetic like, but also to an aesthetical responsibility. This study aims at revealing the aesthetic depth in Risale-I Nur that takes person to spiritual beauty and deep meanings of reason by considering material and spiritual beauties in the universe within the framework of this responsibility.

Keywords: Aesthetic, beauty, esma-i hüsna, belief, truth, light, flower, face, compassion, justice, mercy, reason


Youth and Feelings

Sebahattin YAŞAR

Youth period is the period of forming identity and questioning existence. Family, school and friends are the main bearers in formation of identity by the young person. The fact that today’s youth experience an identity crisis to a certain degree is the indicator that these bearers disrupted. This study aims at revealing problems of young people by dealing with the concept of youth from several aspects.

Keywords: Youth, feelings, blind feeling, reason, ethics, civility, prophet’ method

Source: This article is the editorial writing of the akademic magazine Köprü/Spring 2010

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