"Ümitvar olunuz, şu istikbal inkılâbı içinde en yüksek gür sada İslâm'ın sadası olacaktır."


The world is evolving towards Islamic Civilization

16 Aralık 2020, Çarşamba 20:04
Cahit Tanyol from Uşak: "Does Bediüzzaman have any glad tidings about our medieval exit? What are they?”

Labor pains

Our title is not prophetic. It is none other than Bediuzzaman Said Nursi who gave this glad tidings news along with his reasons in 1920. The year is now 2020. The world has entered into labor pains for the civilization of the Qur'an.

Yes, the world is evolving rapidly towards an Islamic Civilization. Despite the Islamophobes. Despite the tragedies of Islam and the enemy of humanity, which tarnish the lives of humanity with new barbarism every day. George Soros, the Rothschilds family, the neo-conservatives, neo-liberals, agents of the secret the Apostle of democracy and justice, and cut by upsetting the world order, provoking civil wars, the internal affairs of countries, the people, democracy manipulating humanity with chips trying to get digital or biological, civilization and public services such as the Open Society Institute sekulerlestiren nice work despite the focus of a bitter secret.

I hope the world will see an Islamic Civilization. All these traps, Games, plans will be over? No! Will the suffering of Uighurs, Arakans, Yemenis, Syrians and many oppressed nations end? No! Those who suffer are blessed. That is a separate issue.

Tabakat-I-Bashar War

Bediuzzaman said in 1920, " States and nations are leaving the Battle of tabakat-I-Bashar."Did he say 1?He said. A hundred years ago ... on Bediuzzaman's road map, the world is just evolving!

Today we live the world globally. No more war between states and nations! The Cold War era is behind us. It's not war for some arrogant elephants to fight in small states with the deception of democracy to show arms and power. This is a street fight. This is separate!

On this day, the war began and escalated between tabakat-I-Bashar. Scientific superiority, technological superiority, philosophical superiority, their efforts to transform civilization into the perceptions of irreligious philosophy show the beginning of the tabakat-ı human war. That's what global vandalism means! We're having a Tabakat-I-Human war.

But despite all the hegemony of evil, I hope that the Qur'an will win the tabakat-I-Human war. In this last time, the Qur'an will declare its authority, sovereignty, independence, greatness, the values of humanity that it has cried out for a thousand years, dominating the world. All the fighting of elephants will not stop the rise of Islamic Civilization.

But this will not be in the form of the rise of Islamic countries. It will be only the Qur'an that prevails. Because it is the Qur'an that participates in the tabakat-I-Human war, not Islamic countries. Because the Qur'an and Islamic values are already global. Hazrat Muhammad (asm) is the Prophet of jahanshumul. All the values brought by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) are not local, they do not belong to the Islamic world, they are global.

As the Qur'an says, “Even if the unbelievers do not want to, or want to extinguish it with their mouths, Allah will complete his light."2 The Hour will not come until Allah completes his light.

Facts Leading To Quranic Civilization

Isn't bediuzzaman splitting Europe in two? Does he not say that one of them represents the truth of the religion of Isevism 3, and the other represents the genius of Roman and Greek philosophy? 4

Here is the war of tabakat-I-Human ... this war has begun in Europe, America, England, in the Great States. Isevism is preparing to submit to the Qur'an. In our opinion, this nightmare of a Corona that is doughnuts on the world has no other meaning. Fate is implementing its own plan to put the Qur'an at the head of the world.

In 1920, Bediuzzaman explained the sociological, psychological, religious, cultural, ontological, historical, geographical and global reasons for this issue. 5 and those who look will see.

The law of evolution, which Allah Almighty has put into creation, is in force. 6 The Battle of Satan and the Angel, which begins around the human heart and continues globally between the world and the sky, continues on this day between tabakat-I-Human in the world. There is no wonder in that. We say that the Qur'an will win this battle of civilization at the last brew. The Qur'an will prove its puberty once again.

But it is another manifestation that the coming out of other new disasters and the apocalypse break after it. Allah knows the truth.

Written by Süleyman Kösmene

Translated by Ethem Erbaş

1-The Letters.

2-Quran; Repentance: 32; The Ranks: 8.

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