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Qur'an and Risale-i Nur Services in Africa

05 Mart 2022, Cumartesi 17:49
We have been staying in Africa since the first day of 2022. We are on the west coast of Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are currently residing in Abidjan, a city with a population of 5 million people  in Ivory Coast, which is famous for its lagoons on the shores of Atlantic Ocean.

We don't stay continuously in the city center. We go out of the city almost every week to visit the suburbans. We are in close contact with individuals and centers engaged in religious services.

If everything goes well, we are scheduling to stay here until the end of April. Hopefully, our services in Africa will continue to expand after we returned to Turkey.

Abidjan is similar to Turkey's Istanbul in many ways. At the same time, functionally similar to Izmir and Ankara. Presidency and all ministries are located here. Therefore,Abidjan is an exceptional place that draws the attention of the whole Ivory Coast, the region, the continent and even the world.

In a short time, we had the opportunity to meeting, mingling and to conversancy with a wide range of people. We do not have a serious problem in point of language and translator. Almighty God bestowed self-sacrifiers who serve us freely.

Our environment-hinterland continuing to develop and growing day by day, "from the narrow circle to the wide circle, just like in the Third Topic, Fourth Matter of 26th.Letter". We are in a close contact with both local people and also our Turkish citizens whose are living here. We get together at least once a week to read the Risale-i Nur and teach  lessons on matters of faith.

Besides, we visit to the madrasahs governed by the local people and perform miscellaneous programs with the imams, professors and students there. Moreover, when we go to visit them on advance notice, they organize their divine team specially for us and perform a beautiful musical feast at the end of the program.

In the meantime our another activity that develops naturally is we are making acquaintance and getting in touch with the people of the surrounding provinces and districts and even neighboring countries. In fact, they are more enthusiastic than we are. Because they are in severe need; both materially and spiritually...  Thereupon, we've rolled up our sleeves to help alleviate that severe misery they're in. At the beginning we were only two or three people, now our strength increased to 111; when our numbers increased, we feel as if our strength has reached 4444.

In fact, we have already initiated in the process of bringing thousands of Qur'an students together with Elifba, Qur'an and Risale-i Nur. With your help and prayers, I hope this number will increase to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions in the comin period.

People are very enthusiastic and in need of such services, both individually and as a family that creates a very suitable working environment for us that you cannot know or even guess before you come and see them. 

Thank goodness, we are trying to deliver  Elif-Ba booklets, Qur'ans and Risale-i Nur sets in French language, to those in need here. Benefactors are helping us for this job; We distribute them together.

Translated by Özden Atukeren

Okunma Sayısı: 1864
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