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The political stance of Yeni Asya

21 Haziran 2019, Cuma 11:55
The main principles that determine the political stance of Yeni Asya, who determines its political preference through consultative committees in which loyal readers are represented in the widest form and fully:

1. The measures that determine the opinions of Yeni Asya in politics are taken from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's works as well as in other subjects. The book titled Political Findings from Risale-i Nur; Declarations and Illuminations, was published by Yeni Asya Publications.

2. Yeni Asya is above and beyond politics in the sense that it is seeking to lead directly the country. During it's publication period, Yeni Asya has not been a source for any formation of political party.

3. Yeni Asya, which advocates that politics should be carried out within democratic systems and principles, and that the state administration should handover in accordance with the will of the nation and in legitimacy. It has always been against an individual, group and one-party autocracy; revolutions which have targeted and destroyed the democratic order, and the understanding and practices that ignored the will of the nation. 

4. Yeni Asya, which sees the political parties as  the fundamental and 'irreplaceable' elements of democratic system, accepts every political party that is supported by the nation as a fact, respects and supports its positive services. And Yeni Asya wants the relations between the parties to be based on a common national consensus in a civilized framework.

5. Yeni Asya is against politics which is carried out on behalf of religion. It believes that, in the existing social structure and political circumstances, political parties should not be established on behalf of religion and that there should be no demand for state administration by using religion. On the other hand, he insisted on the necessity of making the politics and the institution of government totally a servant of religion, without party distinction.

6. Yeni Asya, which has been meticulously avoided from putting itself in for politics 'actively', has never concealed its choice between the existing parties and always revealed it clearly.

7. This voting preference has nothing to do with people, whoever is leading the party, and internal problems that may occur from time to time in the party or any interest or bargaining. 

8. Bediuzzaman clearly stated that he supported Democratic Party for the sake of motherland, nation and Islam. Yeni Asya has openly defended its political preference too. With no benefit, on the contrary, by taking the risk of being damaged due to this attitude, has clearly stated and defended its political preference.

9. The political preference of Yeni Asya does not carry the mean of a blindfolded support. The support that this choice brings is in the framework of the will of the nation and the rules of the democratic system, for the service based on the service to the country, the nation and the religion. The misunderstandings and practices that have surpassed this framework have always found Yeni Asya against standing up against them.

10. Yeni Asya believes that this choice which is based on Bediüzzaman, both open the way to most plausible, realistic alternative and reflects a sense of service that does not give premium to feelings, enthusiasms, and adventure seekers.

Translation: Feyzanur Elif Mutlu

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